Sunday, 30 October 2011

Been A Bad Boy!

I've been a bad boy today!

I had not long arrived at the Letchworth Show, when I saw her across the hall from our stand.

I just don't know what came over me. But she just kept calling out for me to take her away to be cared for, loved, look after her beautiful lines. She was sitting there on the shelf, begging to me, "Buy me, buy me. I know you want to!"

So I did.

Yes, it's the AMT B-52H Startofortress in 1/72nd scale. I didn't want it in any of the smaller scales, they wouldn't look right next to my 1/72nd B-17's and B-24.

But one slight, little problem!

Where do I keep this once it's built? It's BIG!

I must stop buying these big aircraft models.


  1. build a bigger loft

  2. I need a bigger house.

    Ideally with a large spare room that can be split into two. One half as my workshop, with the other half to be the display area.