Saturday, 29 October 2011

KA-6D Intruder Tanker WIP #4

Well, a little more work has been done to the Intruder. The decals on the fuselage were finished the other night and it received a coat of clear on Thursday night. I've started to weather the panel lines using Promodeller washes, the wing end sections finished but just needing a final clean up. The fuselage has only had a small area done on the top so far, but this will be finished over the next couple of days, hopefully tomorrow whilst at the Letchworth Show.

As soon as the panel lines are finished and the model has had another coat of clear, any final painting to the fuselage will be done before I finish the assembly. I must remember to add the decals to the external tanks and weather them before fitting them to the wings.

So this project is nearly finished after being put on hold for six months.

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