Friday, 21 October 2011

Weathering Using Salt Technique How To

Here is a little demonstration on how I did the worn paint weathering on the Bradley.

Items required, a fine mist spray bottle filled with water (I use distilled), some salt, either table or cooking and the item for weathering.

 First spray the model or part for weathering with a misting of water once the base colour has been painted and left to dry. I have used an unpainted piece for this demo.

If the water beads together, add a tiny amount of soap to break the surface tension if needed. 

Sprinkle some salt over the areas for weathering. If the grains are too big, then crush the salt up a bit. It all depends on what effect you require in the end.

Leave the parts/model to dry overnight, or if you need to dry it quickly, use a hair drier on a warm setting to speed it up.

Give the model/parts a coat of the final colour ensure an even coverage.

Leave the model/parts to dry thoroughly at lease overnight to prevent you removing soft paint when rubbing the salt away. This was a quick demo I have done here, but when doing it properly, I would have spent more time sprinkling the salt around the model or pieces.

I hope this have been some help to you all.



  1. Thanks Kevin.

    The Bradley was the first time I used this method. Seen it used on several models in the past by other modellers and thought it was time to try it myself.