Thursday, 17 November 2011

Guest What I Ended Up Building Last Night?

Yesterday was my grandson Kyran's birthday, so after dinner, it was my job to build one of his presents. 

He is Dr Who mad at the minute, he's got a remote control Dalek, trading cards, sonic screwdriver and the Airfix Tardis that I'm building for him (slowly). But yesterday, he got the Character Building (which is like Lego) Dr Who Tardis which has the interior and exterior with alien landscape. 

Give me a nice difficult model kit to build any day. This is meant to be for kids to build, it took me over two hours to complete it! There's multiple bags containing all of the pieces, and as usual, there is always the standard single piece missing. I needed those couple of glasses of wine at the end of this.

So now, I've got until Christmas to recover. We have already brought the Dalek Factory for a Christmas present for him.

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