Monday, 21 November 2011

KA-6D Intruder Tanker WIP #5

I've decided to make a push and finish the Intruder over the next few days. My target is for this weekend, with any luck, but this depends on what time I have after work, etc.

Weathering has started using Promodeller's washes, but during painting, some rough areas on the fuselage have appeared causing the wash to adhere where I didn't want it to. But this could help with the general weathering of the model though, as it is mainly underneath the fuselage. The external fuel tanks will not be weathered as much, giving them a newer look and some contrast. So, at the stage the model is at this point, the undercarriage, the external tanks and air-brakes are fitted. Most of the painting is done now, just some detailing painting required in a few places. The ejector seats need to be finished painting before fitting in the cockpit. The folded wings need fitting, plus the support stays need to be made as none were supplied with the kit. Once everything is done, some final weathering to finish her off. 

Here is a few photos of the builds latest stage.

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