Thursday, 24 November 2011

StuG III Ausf.F WIP #3

I got a little more done on the StuG III at work today and yesterday, so it's slowly getting there. Only a small bit of work got done yesterday, it was just the headlights assembled and fitted to the front of the hull and a couple of smaller parts. But today, I fitted the engine hatches to the rear of the hull and started on the splash guards (or whatever they called, can't think of it at the minute). My plan is to get the main structure done, but leaving off all of the tools, wheels, tracks, etc. Then get it primed and painted in the base colour and camouflaged before fitting the wheels and tracks.

So there's still some building work to go before this happens, another couple of weeks I think before any painting starts. Then there's the figures! This is where I've got to improve my painting, it's the faces and skin tones that beat me. Hence some lessons planned from a couple of the club members are needed.

Now to do a little more on the Intruder tonight.

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