Saturday, 31 December 2011

"I'll see you back at home!" M2A2 Bradley Finished

Well, I did it, got the Bradley and base finished before this year finished.

The title I've decided on this project, is "I'll see you back at home!". The scene is set after "Desert Storm" finished in 1991 and the Americans are heading home. Here the Bradley's commander is standing at the front and patting his ride while saying to her "I'll see you back at home!", whilst holding his M231 rifle along side his Alice Packs.

So now this project is done, it's onwards to one of the other on-going projects to get them finished. So the Mig-31 is close to painting which will have to be done at home, the Seafire is still in construction so that can come to work with me for now. The StuG III is ready for paint too, but the figures have to be built yet.

So a Happy New Year to you all and plenty of modelling ahead for you in the new year.

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