Monday, 26 December 2011

Seafire Mk1B WIP #1

Now with the Hawk T1 finished and the Bradley in the final stages of the project, I had to decide which of my other "On-hold" projects to carry on with. There was this old Revell 1/32nd kit of the Supermarine Seafire Mk1B that I started earlier this year and has been sitting on the shelf for about six months. So I decided to dust off this project and get it finished off.

I was having different ideas when I started this project, like having it just after take-off with the gear coming up. But even now I still have not decided what to do, even what colour to paint it is still not decided.

The first six photos below were taken in the early stages of the project when dry fitting using masking tape. The cockpit interior was built but not glued in place. Since these were taken, the fuselage has been glued together along with the wings. One thing that was noticed during the dry fitting, was that there was no support for the upper main wing sections to the fuselage. This has hopefully been sorted by gluing some plasticard to the upper wing panels, this will also give some extra support for when the model stands on the undercarriage.

I am also doing some small modifications to other areas of the model to improve the finished look of it. These include the mountings of the aerolons, tailplanes and rudder. The hinging points on these were terrible. The last two photos below were taken tonight prior to me doing this post to show the current stage of the build as I get ready to re-start the project.

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