Friday, 13 January 2012


Some progress has been made on the StuG over the past week. The hull received it base colour along with the wheels and sprockets. To finish the sprockets off, I went over the areas that would have some wear on them from the tracks with some Steel paint. The remainder of the wheels had the tyres painted with Mr Hobby Tyre colour. Once these had dried, they were then glued into place on the hull suspension ready to take the tracks.

Now this is the sore point. Yesterday, I started to assemble the tracks for this model. These are Dragon's "MagicTrack" system, which everyone tells me are great as they just clip together and you wrap them around the sprockets and wheels. Hell do they! This is the second Dragon kit I've had with "MagicTrack" and they do not clip together. These need to be glued together with a slow drying glue, just like the Tamiya ones. The trouble with these tracks is the size of them and they are handed. So I have to make a decision on this project, do I use the kit ones or buy some aftermarket tracks for the StuG! Watch this space for the outcome.

Anyhow, the tracks can wait for a few weeks and I can get some replacement ones at the club show in February. For now I can continue with the model, there is the camouflage to do with the tools and figures to be assembled and painted. The tracks can be done towards the end prior to weathering.

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