Saturday, 28 January 2012


There are those weeks when you just don't get enough time to do what you want to and the last couple of weeks have been them. But there has been some progress on the StuG even though it has been a little slow for my liking.

I persisted with the "Magic Tracks" (not so magic in my opinion) and used them on the model. The end plan was to build them up in sections then whilst the glue was still wet, place them on the model. These ones are a bit more fiddly then my Panther 2 tracks because of there size, so now I know what to do different on my Panzer IV's I have. 

Due to the stage that the build is at now, I cannot really take it to work with me leaving the any work having to be done at home now. But I have been able to take the figures to work with me and build them whilst sitting on a loading bay.  Last night I got the camouflage done on the hull, in 20 minutes believe or not. I was happy with the outcome and fellow members from the club agreed earlier today at our display.

Anyhow, more updates to come later as more work gets done.

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