Sunday, 26 February 2012

F-86F30 Sabre WIP #2

Now since the introduction to this project the other day, the main repairing to the damaged Alclad on the wing has been done. The first two photos were taken just after I had painted the undercarriage bays in interior green. I was asked on Facebook earlier what I used for the metal finishes on this model. The colours are as follows;

Airframe Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Magnesium, Duraluminium, Jet Exhaust, Burnt Iron and Pale Burnt Metal.

This is how I intend to pose the model once it is finished and the base is done. There is still a way to go now, some more detail painting is required in the undercarriage bays. The cockpit still has some detailing and painting left to do on it. The canopy needs painting and then assembly. Then it is onto the decals. I did not get any decals with this kit, so I brought a set by Aero Master Products. The set I got was the "Post Korean War Sabres pt3" which has the option for two aircraft markings. I am doing Sabre serial number 52-4781 "Violent Vim" which was piloted by Lt.B. B Huffman in Osan,  Korea in November 1955.

Below are some more photos that were taken today. The blue nose has been painted ready for the start of applying the decals to the model. Now all of the Alclad work is finished, there is just some detail painting to be finished on the fuselage first and the decal work can start.


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