Monday, 25 June 2012

It's Arrived! My SWS P-51d Mustang Kit

I had a nice little present delivered to me today by the Postman!

It was the Zoukei-Mura SWS P-51D Mustang kit that has just been released.

So far, I have only had a good look at the instruction book so far, and I tell you what, this is a very very good kit. This is the first kit from the Super Wings Series that I have ever brought, it has impressed me well past my expectations. I have seen the earlier kits that David down my club has built, but never really had a good look at the parts or instructions.

I took this photo of the packed sprues next to the box, should have spread them out a bit more but I was standing on my workshop chair to take this photo. But just to give you a taster of what to expect in the box. You have the option of three different aircraft to build, including Capt. "Bud" Anderson's aircraft "Old Crow". The detail on the parts are, well, fantastic! For instance, the engine has all the cylinders in each bank on the block. There is just too much to list on the detail side of this kit, it would take me along time to tell you everything. All I can say, the only this missing is the wiring looms, it is truly a scale model. Out of my collection of un-built kits, I place it on the same level or higher as my Airfix 1/24th scale Mosquito.

Just to finish this posting off, here is a photo of one of the instruction pages for the engine assembly. Very detailed instructions for you to work from.

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