Sunday, 5 August 2012

StuG III WIP #10

Paint has gone down onto the base!

That time has come, when you turn a collection of dull grey or white plastic, into a object of colour and life. This posting will be just a quick one, I'm trying to tidy up my workshop tonight as it has got a bit messy over the last month. So here a a few photos taken whilst I was airbrushing the base colours onto the brickwork, pavement and cobblestones.

The building and base were given a couple of coats of Vallejo grey primer out of the rattlecan. I did not like this primer as I think it is a little too thick when it is being sprayed, but I think it is ideal for use on bases and buildings. So this will not be wasted now! The base colour for the brickwork is Humbrol #70 Brick Red, just thinned down and I gave all of the exposed bricks a blast with a few coats. One thing is to not forget the exposed brickwork on the interior walls and fallen masonry.

Next, I gave the pavement a coat of Tamiya's XF60 Dark Yellow. This will not be the final colour for this area, since this photo was taken, a wash of light grey has gone over the top to tone it down. This is going to be followed with a few more washes of various colours.

The cobbled road surface was given a base coat of Tamiya's XF Medium Grey to start off with as seen below. Since this photo was taken, it has had a wash of Dark Grey to start to highlight the cobbles. As things progress, individual cobbles will be picked out with various Greys before final weathering. The tram lines has also been painted using AK Interactive Track Wash, this will finished with the track pigment later.

More painting has been done since these photos were taken a couple of nights ago. The garden path has received a coat of Tamiya's Hull Red, the rendering has been painted with a cement colour. The plastered walls inside the building have all been painted in various colours. I will only give the inside a basic paint job, it is not intended to be a viewing side as the point of interest is the front of the base.

I will take some more photos prior to continuing with the painting and they will be posted in the next installment of this project.

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