Monday, 5 November 2012

SR-71A Black Bird Finished

Well, this must have been one of my quickest builds ever, done in just over two weeks. Mind you, there was only one colour to paint on the fuselage, so this saved a lot of time.

In general, a pleasing build and one that took me back to when I was a teenager when I last build a SR-71, a Revell kit I think it was. This kit, an Academy one, went together without any problems. Masking up the cockpit canopies was a bit tedious, but I pushed on to complete it. One little mistake I made was to sand off the lights on the top and bottom of the fuselage, this still needs to be rectified.

The instructions state the fuselage is Black, this is incorrect. SR-71's are actually a very, very dark Blue, nearly Black. So, after seeing the one at IWM Duxford a few times and comparing photographs, I opted to paint the fuselage with Revell's Tar Black. This seems to be one of the closest paints I have in my stock and looks okay.

The Black Bird is another model on my list to have photographs taken for my website. So for now, here is a quick one I took with my phone so you can see it.

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