Thursday, 31 January 2013

"End Of An Era" XH131 WIP #1

Before I get started on any modelling tonight, let me just do the postings I did not get time to do last night.

With the pleasing progress of XH134 and the model being at the painting stage now, it was time to take XH131 to work with me to get it started. I had a couple of spare hours whilst sitting on a loading bay at work, so out with my little toolbox and the PR9 kit. It is surprising how much you can get done in a couple of hours when sitting in a lorry cab on loading bays, but any delicate work is out of the question though!

Yesterdays start was quite pleasing. The cockpit interior was constructed ready for painting, not that there is much to be done or can be seen. I also got the main wings assembled minus the ailerons and engine intakes, these will be added during the next session on this model. So, at the minute, there is not much to write about for now. 

What I would like to say, as this is the third Airfix 1/72nd Canberra PR9 I have started now, the pace will be quicker then the first two. Mind you, the first one was build two years ago now so some of the things I did with that one have been forgotten. But so far, no major issues with these two. I also have three 1/48th scale Canberra's from Airfix in my stockpile, a PR9, a B (I)8 and a B(I)2. I hope they go together as nice as these 1/72nd scale ones do, but they will be detailed up with etch and resin. Forgot, there is one of the old Matchbox PR9's sitting there to. I think that one might need a bit more work then the Airfix ones!

So here are a few photos of the work done on XH131 so far.

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