Sunday, 24 February 2013

"End Of An Era" XH134 WIP #6

Well, this will be the final WIP post for XH134 as the build process has just completed today. I made a push this week whilst I had the week off work and succeeded today. All that is required for this aircraft now is the access ladders to be made up then painted and the pilot climbing them.

Yesterday evening, I added some extra weight in the forward camera bay. This has helped a bit but then once the ladder and pilot figure are added to the fuselage, a little more weight will be at the front of the model. I am going to have to rethink this on XH131 when work continues on her, will have to find a way to get more weight in that forward camera bay.

 Back to XH134. Since the last posting, the model received a couple of coats of matt clear before the final assembly and detail painting was finished. The final jobs that were done on the model was adding the aerial wire from the tail to the cockpit. I had pre-drilled a hole in the top of the tail ready to accept the nylon thread that I am using for the aerial. A drop of superglue was put inside the hole then the thread was poked in there and left to dry. Some more glue was put around the opening to ensure the thread did not pull out.

Once dry, the other end of the thread was glue to the pylon next to the cockpit. This took a few attempts as it kept slipping off the pylon before the glue set. The last thing to do was glue the canopy in the open position ready. Job done, XH134 completed and ready for take off!

Now that XH134 has been finished, I decided to line up XH134 and XH135 on my workbench (after I cleared it up a bit), then placed XH131 at the far end to get a better impression on how they will all look once XH131 is finished. The base I have ordered will be collected on Wednesday evening and will need to be painted. A few more figures will be added to the scene along with a couple of vehicles. I just cannot wait to see the completed scene.

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