Tuesday, 12 March 2013

"End Of An Era" Vehicles WIP #2

Now to follow on from yesterdays post about the vehicles for the "End Of An Era" dio, I said about how diorama's develop as they progress. This has been the case for this one and with the addition of first the figures and then the Bedford MK and Land Rover. I started to think that the base would still be a little bare, so I knew there was the Revell NATO Ground Support Equipment set in my stockpile that I had started a while back, so the box was dug out and I needed to chose what to use.

The first item was the Still Hanger Tractor which was already started. As the diorama was going to show the aircraft getting ready to depart for one of the Airshows they did during the last weeks of service, it would be ideal to have this sitting there towing the various trailers around the airfield.

The second item is the 30KVA Starter APU seen on the apron at RAF airbases around the world. This is a simple details model which will add some atmosphere to the scene.

The third item is the Sun Electric Systems H2987 Hydraulic test stand which is another trailer seen on airbases around the world.

All of these models and the aircraft towbar have all been painted in the same green as the Bedford and Land Rover. Once the detail painting has been completed, I will make some RAF markings to go on the models as the ones supplied with the kit are for the German Air Force. Once work is finished on these, more photos will be taken and posted on here.

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