Monday, 11 March 2013

"End Of An Era" XH131 WIP #2

Even though the updates on XH131 have not that frequent, work has progressed on her along side XH134 being completed and the vehicles to be used on the display base for the three Canberra's. The details of the vehicles will be in the next blog after this one.

In these first two photos, the fuselage has been assembled and is awaiting the wings to be fitted. I did a better job dry brushing the cockpit dials this time then on XH134, not as if they will be seen that much. 

Assembly continued over the last couple of weeks whilst I took this model to work with me. Over the weekend, the final pieces of the fuselage assembly were added before the cockpit and observation windows were masked up ready for primer. This took place yesterday morning and highlighted a few joint lines that were still visible. These will be dealt with tomorrow night before a final touch up with primer. 

Once painting of the colour scheme starts, I will first paint a few areas with some RAF Hemp and RAF Light Grey for where the ARTF Grey has been worn away. Then after some masking the ARTF Grey will be sprayed and that finishing process will be that same as XH134. So fingers crossed that there will be some colour on her by the weekend!

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