Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Iron Man War Machine WIP #1

Last Sunday was the MAFVA Nationals which were held at IWM Duxford. My grandson Kyran, had some spending money and spent the day wanting to buy things that were basically rubbish. Each time we were at a stand, he was not interested in buying a kit, until he saw this!

He wanted this model of one of the Iron Man figures from Morbius Models and I gave him the extra cash to get it. My original plan was for him to build it, but this went straight out of the window once we looked at the instructions, plus it is for age 15 and up, he is only 9. So another of Kyran's kits he buys for granddad to build! How does he manage it every time? And a figure being my first!

Well, today I got started on it whilst I was sitting getting loaded at work. It definitely is not a kit for a 9 year old to build, but a 12 year old who has had some modelling experience will be able to build this model, the harder bit will be the painting of it. So far, the figure has gone together without any problems as of yet. There are minimal mould-lines on the parts and most of the joint lines are hidden by another body panel. The only joint lines I have needed to clean up have been on the head area and one on the front upper torso. The outer body armour panels seen in the above photo are only held in place with some Blutac at the minute, but once they have been glued in position, a few small joint lines will need to be cleaned up. 

To get to this stage, it has been about a hour and a half of work. So I think if you wanted to, it can be built in a day and then another couple of days for painting. This has got my taste buds tempted to get some more in the series of figures!

I will keep you all posted on this figures progress.

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