Tuesday, 27 August 2013

1935 Mercedes Benz G4 Finished

Well, I finished the Mercedes G4 for the magazine review over the weekend. In the end, after a mishap when one of the lights got knocked off and as I glued it back on, it slipped and some glue got onto the paintwork. So a quick fix was done and it is not that noticeable.

I will not say too much here about the kit, I will leave that to the review in the magazine, I just need to finish writing it up. My plan is to have the model and review down at the magazine this Friday so it can be photographed and hopefully be in next months or the one after that issue. As soon as I know which issue it will be in, I will tell everyone on here.

So back to some of my own projects and try and get some finished for the IPMS(UK) Nationals held at Telford in November. First to get done is a 1/48th scale Spitfire Mk.XIVe for a club competition and then crack on with the Messerschmitt Bf110.

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