Tuesday, 10 December 2013

An Aid For Photographs

I had been after one of these for a while, but never took a serious look thinking they were expensive to buy. But no, they're not if you look in the right places.

This is a 80cm X 80cm X 80cm light cube, fully collapse-able and comes with four coloured backdrops to go inside. Also comes with a front cover that has a hole in it to stick the lens through if needed. Cost, under £9.00 on EBay! Yes, under a tenner. If you search around, I have seen these going for up to £30 and more. 

The idea is to shine your lights onto the cubes sides and the light is diffused around the cubes interior cutting down on shadows under the item being photographed. A bit better then using a white sheet and directing the workshop lights down onto the model. Still play with it at the minute and experimenting, but I need to dig out my halogen flood lights to provide lighting from the sides. By the way, that is a 1/24th scale Nissan R35 GT-R in the cube, just shows how big this one is.

Below are a few photos I have been playing with for now.

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