Monday, 23 December 2013

Monty's Humber Finished

This will be the final finished project of the year I think, unless something else gets done before the month is out.

Well, this was handed to me by Andy Evans from SMMI at Telford this year to build for a magazine review. Though not my usual scale for cars, I accepted the kit and set about building it.

The tooling of this kit dates back from the 70's and is another of Airfix's recycling of their old kits. Unlike some of the other re-releases of old kits from their range, this tooling has survived pretty well and there was not much flash or any incomplete parts on the sprues. The detail of the parts are still crisp, but remember this is 1970's tooling so it is not up to the standards of more recent releases. My only grumble about this kit is the figures, the quality of them brings the kit down so I have left them out of the finished model.

In general, the building is okay, just a few little fitting problems and the steering wheel is also delicate. Unfortunately, my resident "Carpet Monster" decided to attack and walked off with the steering column for the Humber. Hence after a couple of hours searching the workshop and checking through the bins in here, I had to scratch-build a new one from a length of plastic. The model was painted mainly with Tamiya paints, but Humbrol, Mr Hobby and Revell paints were also used.

You will see a full review of this model in SMMI in the coming months. By the way, the Tamiya Gama Goat review I did a couple of months ago will be in February's issue of SMMI.

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