Monday, 27 January 2014

53 Chevrolet BelAir Custom WIP #3

There has been more progress on this project then the previous two years. I have finally got the engine all built, painted and wired up ready to be fitted into the car once it that is done. Below you can see it during the painting and building stage, here having a test fit to make sure that the exhaust manifolds cleared the chassis rails. I later discovered that the starter motor and alternator hit the inner wings and chassis. So the starter was modified and re-position to clear the chassis rail from where it was hitting it. Where the alternator was hitting inner wing, I trimmed this area away to clear the alternator and then glued a panel on the inside the wheel area to blank it off.

Once these little issues were dealt with, the completed engine was dry-fitted into the bay and then another little problem raised its ugly head. With the carburettor and air filter fitted on the engine, they stopped the radiator sliding into its location in front of the engine. So, some more modifications were needed to the front panel I had made for mounting the radiator. This was to make some new mounting brackets on the front side of the panel, cut and file the panel to clear the fan cowling. The grill also had to be trimmed to clear the radiator, but this also need to to be done to allow the grill to sit correctly on the bodyshell. Now all of these alterations are finished, work can move on to finishing the rest of the engine bay off before moving onto the interior.

I was pleased with how the engine turned out in the end. I will use a slower curing glue on the next resin engine I build, my current glue was drying too quick to allow me to adjust a part. Anyhow, the HT leads are all in the correct firing order, this engine is based on a big block Chevy. I will also use something different for the fan belts as this material that came with the engine kit is plastic and a little too stiff. Otherwise, I can recommend these Gibson Engines. Now, I just need to find one of my case white metal coils for the car!

More updates soon.


  1. There's a lot of effort here.

  2. Yeah, this has been a long labour of love so far. But I thought it was time to try and get her finished.