Sunday, 14 September 2014

On The Move!

Hello to all of you followers of this blog.

I am sorry that things have been very quiet on here for the last few months, but there has been a lot of other things taking priority at the minute. We are in the process of moving home, which we hope will happen by the end of October (fingers crossed). 

Having to get a few things sorted out on the house took priority and my time was diverted away from this great hobby. Now my hobby room has slowly been packed away starting with all of the unbuilt kits that took up 17 boxes, 7 folding crates and 4 large scale models stuck together in 2 bundles. It was whilst doing this that I thought to myself "Why did I buy so many kits!". Packing has continued with my tools and paints being packed away which is now 95% done. Most of my built models are packed to leaving just the ones in the cabinet over the stairs left. 

But there is a brighter outcome to this though!

We are moving to a bigger house with more bedrooms. So my hobby room/workshop will no longer be in the converted loft like in our current house, but in one of the spare bedrooms. No more trying to get my built models through the loft hatch in their boxes for transporting to a show. And there is one this I can tell you, falling out of the loft down the open hatch is not much fun. Especially when you have to repair the step and hatch mechanism afterwards.

This is going to be a big adventure for the family as we are moving from Bedfordshire up to West Yorkshire, to a nice small and quiet town called Hemsworth. Unlike my wife who has liked in several different locations, this will be the first time I have lived outside of Luton in my entire life. But the outlook is that life will be more relaxed up there and once we are settled into the new house, I can get my modelling back on track. There are a few unfinished projects that I would like to get finished off, like my F-15 Eagle and A-10 Thunderbolt to start off with. But the first priority on the model side is to get the new magazine build done, written up and photographed. The kit is the Diamond T Cargo Truck from Mirror Models with their upgrade set. Done a bit on it so far, but time has needed to be spent elsewhere.

So, if there are any of you who happen to live in the same area as we are moving to, let me know and we could possibly meet up at some point in time. Oh yes, another plus. Some new model shows for me to start visiting.


  1. Glad to hear it's happening at last, Mick. Give us a shout if you'd like a hand up this end. :)

  2. Hi Mate.

    Will do, just waiting for certain people to get their fingers out of their A##ES and proceed with the paperwork, etc. It's just fustrating waiting for something to happen now!