Sunday, 12 July 2015

Arado Ar 240C-2 Nightfighter Finished

So far this year, that is five models hitting the finished state. Fair enough, three of them were started before we moved house, the Lightning and Diamond T last year and the Eagle two and a half years ago, but the Messerschmidt Bf 109 and the Arado were started this year and completed. Which I think is good considering that we are still settling into the new house and getting things sorted out around it.

Now the Arado. This is a nice little kit from Revell, I had no major issues with it, possibly none from what I can remember. Straight out if the box it has been a joy to build, even though you only get one scheme option with the aircraft. But this was a rare aircraft as only fourteen Ar240's were ever built in various versions and they were all converted to reconnaissance aircraft by 1942, so there would not be many options for it anyhow. The aerials on the nose can easily be knocked off as I have found through handling the model in the final stages of building it. So it would be an idea to insert some wire pins on them to go through the nose. 

When painting the camouflage on the model, I manage to airbrush the pattern instead of using a normal paint brush. This has made the scheme look more subtle compared to some I have seen done with the brush. The model was finished off with some paint chipping and various staining from exhaust, oil and other engine grime before a final coat of general grime over the model. The resulting finished model being something different from the other aircraft I have hanging up and on the shelves. In all, a nice model to build.

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