Monday, 6 July 2015

Arado Ar 240C-2 Nightfighter WIP #2

This are progressing nicely on the Arado, even though not much has been done over the last few days due to doing some work on the gardens, a BBQ and popping out on Sunday to see the Minions film and do a little shopping. And talking about Minions, I have three resin Minion figures that I am going to start building very soon. I will post an intro to them next.

Anyhow, back to the Arado. All of the decals have been done and they have been sealed with some matt clear. The only fiddly ones were the walkways on the wings and they had me cursing a few times trying to get them in position. Otherwise, everything passed without any hiccups on the decal side.

Final assembly has now started with the adding of the undercarriage followed by a going over with some black wash to tone things down on the gear and in the bays. Each of the tyres were also flat spotted they are in contact with the ground. Exhaust staining has also been added to the rear of the exhaust positions using weathering powders.

On the construction side, the model is about 95% done now with just a few small parts left to be added and painted. I will be doing some more weathering to the model as it would look too new and clean if I left it in this state. So it has the calling for Mr Grubby to come out and do his thing. The next posting on this project will be of the completed model, all with a bit of dirt on it.

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