Monday, 13 July 2015

Minion Attack! Wave One "Paaarp!" WIP #1

The Attack of the Minions has been started. First one on the bench is Paaarp!

This one is a bit more straight to build compared to the other two. The moulding of this figure was very clean and after removing the excess resin from the pouring process, only a little bit of sanding and filing was needed. I decided to pin the arms and trumpet to ensure that they would not be knocked off the figure once it was built and painted. I also stuck a pin in one of the feet ready for when I fix him to his display base once finished. I forgot to take some photos of how I did the pins before assembling the parts to the body, but I will make sure I take some on the next two figures over the next couple of days. 

Next for this figure, clean off any excess glue from the arm joints and fill any gaps around where the arms join the body. Once I am happy with the joints, the figure will be given a wash to remove any residue from the moulding process before a couple of coats of primer and painting.

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