Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Minion Attack! Wave Two "I'll Be Bananaaa" WIP #1

Now for the second wave of the Minion Attack!

This one is a Terminator themed figure based on the Arnold Schwarzenegger character from the first film. The minion comes with a shotgun in one hand and ammo belt slung over the shoulder. He is also dressed in a leather jacket just like Arnold did in the film, but no sun glasses, though this might be rectified as I build him.

Another little detail which it good on this figure, is the damage to the skin on the Minions head exposing the metal skull underneath. This will either be painted with a metal effect paint or covered with some Bare Metal Foil.

On this figure, I only needed to pin one of the arms. The other sits flush to the body giving plenty of area for the glue to do its job. I used some brass wire for the pin on the other side and glued into the arm first. All I needed to do was to bend the wire slightly to get the pose right on the figure. You can just make out the pin in the first photo below.

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