Friday, 4 September 2015

Ferrari F40 "Blackstar" WIP #4

I was planning to make some more regular update post on here over the last couple of weeks. But you know how it goes, you get carried away with sitting at the workbench, then time wise it is too late to post that evening, and then it repeats the next day, etc, etc.  So I will bring you up to date with photos taken over the last couple of weeks.

These first five photos were taken just after the engine was finished and I was test fitting it in the chassis to see how it looked. You will see some filler on the bonnet to smooth out some blemishes from the moulding process. It was annoying to keep finding some sink marks in various places on the bodyshell.

The next selection of photos show the chassis all painted and the engine glued in place. The instructions said to paint the chassis in matt black, but I decided to go with Tamiya's semi-gloss black instead. I think this will look better and the real car would most likely be sprayed with satin black, not matt black. There are still a few pieces left to go onto the chassis at this stage, including the damaged rear anti-roll bar which I am currently repairing at the minute scratch-building a replacement part for it.

When I first fitted the front brake calipers on the car, they stuck out way too far from the wheels. So a little modification has been carried out and the have been re-positioned further in closer to the disc's. The lower edges between the front and rear wheels need to be sprayed gloss black to match the body when it is done. I will just mask off the areas and spray them the same time as I do the body parts. 

More progress has been made on the bodyshell. Bits of filling and smoothing where there were sink marks especially on the doors and lower rear valance. I also noticed in photos of the real car, there was no joint line between the rear spoiler and bonnet. So this has been filled and sanded, but very carefully on one side due to the "F40" embossed into the spoiler surface. I noticed tonight that there was still a slight dip on this side, so some more filler has been added to correct this. I am hoping to get this all primed up this weekend and have it ready for spraying black next week. I will also need to decant plenty of the Halfords gloss black paint from the aerosol ready for airbrushing the car. I do not want to risk laying down too heavy coat by spraying directly from the tin.

And now onto the last bit for tonight's update. Whilst I was at the club on Wednesday, I started to assembly up the interior. It is fairly straight forwards on this model, not much detail in it. But that is what the F40 is like inside, two seats, a dashboard, gear lever, handbrake and full harness seatbelts. Not stereo or electric windows, etc. The roar of the engine behind you is all the music you need in one of these and I have experienced a spin in one of these cars to know it. 

There is one thing that is a bit annoying with this kit. For a model of this scale, Fujimi did not supply any seatbelts with the kit, not even decal versions. Now, there is not many aftermarket parts out there for 1/16th scale cars. Plenty for 1/12th, 1/20th and 1/24th-25th scale car. But I did manage to find a set of 5 point full harness belts in this scale which are produced by Pro Tech in the USA. So two sets were ordered and they arrived yesterday. I will post photos of these when I assemble them for the car. So that is all for this post on the F40.

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