Saturday, 9 January 2016

Finished Builds Of 2015

 N ow that I have looked back over the last year, it has surprised me in what has been completed. A few fresh builds, whilst the others have been old un-finished projects from before our move to Yorkshire. The best thing is the way the move has worked out, how we settled into the new house and area and finding a new club to join. Fair enough, my man cave is smaller than the one on the old house, but at least I do not have to climb up the loft ladders to get to it. So lets go through this years builds.

The first is a Dragon 1/144th scale F-14 Tomcat which I started just to keep me occupied once the main unpacking in the house was done. A lot of the building and painting was done while sitting waiting around at work. I also went back to old school with this one by just using the hairy brush for painting.

Next was one of the final parts of my "End Of An Era" diorama, the MD200 aircraft tug. This is a resin, white metal and etch kit which was about 75% done before we moved. So I thought it was important to get it finished for the dio.

Now we are back to aircrafts, this time Airfix's great 1/72nd scale EE Lightning F.2. I had started this the previous year and only got as far as building the cockpit and exhausts, then packed it away. So the Lightning came out to spread its wings and got completed. This also encouraged me to buy a couple of the Sword two seater Lightnings for my collection.

The Diamond T was one I had to get into the right state of mind to finish. To add to it, this was a review build which was a little bit overdue. But I was very pleased with the end model and with the results of trying out some new weathering products. This was a Mirror Models 1/35th scale kit.

Guess what? Another un-finished project done. This was one of the limited edition releases from the Airfix Club. It could be done in the markings of the Japanese Imperial Airforce, or as here in RAF camouflage and markings.

This one had been sitting waiting to be painted for possibly more than two years. It is an old Hasegawa 1/72nd scale F-15C Eagle which had most of the construction work done. I did not want to trust the kits decals, as they were quite old and likely to break up. So I used some aftermarket decals which I had brought for this model.

Now we are onto some new builds. First was a Revell 1/72nd scale Arado Ar.240 Night Fighter. This was a nice and simple kit to build which once painted up, produced a good little model.

Now for the start of the Minions. I had picked these up at a show earlier in the year and decided to have a little break from normal kits and build these three beauties. The resin figures are from a company called RetrokiT and the Minion range of figures are always expanding. I now have four more waiting to be built.

This was a duel build with another Mustang, both Airfix new toolings in 1/72nd scale. First was the RAF Mustang 4 in the markings of 112 Squadron based in Italy during 1945. I added seatbelts and an aerial wire through the canopy to the tail. 

This one is the reclassified F-51D Mustang which were flown in the Korean War. The model was finished with Alclad metal finish with seatbelts and aerial wire added.

I got nagged into finishing this project. I had originally brought this for my grandson a couple of years back and built the Tardis up. It had been painted, but needed finishing off before starting on the figures. I substituted some of the paints supplied by Airfix with the kit, but the others I had to use as there was nothing in my stock. I inserted some pins in the feet of the figures and used an old wooden base I had lying around for the model. This has been allowed to be displayed in the living room downstairs.

There should have been another model included in this post, but I did not manage to get it finished by New Years Day. So the Messerschmitt Bf110 will be included in the review of 2016's builds.

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