Friday, 23 September 2011

Sammy Swindell's Sprint Car

Here is a project that's nearly finished. All of the building of the model has been done with just some weathering required. 

The kit is by Revell (US) and is in 1/24th scale of the car that Sammy drove in 1997. A brief run down of the build is this. Built out of the box, all chrome plating except the wheels was stripped. The spoilers were redone with Alclad "Polished Aluminium" and the rest was painted. Went together okay, except for a few awkward assembly bits. otherwise an okay kit.

I'm making two display bases for this model. A small one for displaying at home and a larger one for displaying at shows with two other cars being built by a couple of friends.

So here's a couple of photos of the car.

Update: Fri 23rd Sept 2011

Okay, the base has been made up to the point of final sanding prior to giving a couple of coats of primer. This will be happening tonight after this post.
The base is made from a piece of MDF with the wall cut out from a piece of Foamlux. The track surface is car body filler (Isopon P38), but there is a wood version from Ronseal too I also use. The track surface will be sanded to represent the look of a clay track which has been rolled. So here is a few more photos.

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