Sunday, 2 November 2014

Isn't Moving A Right Pain In The A##E!

I just don't know how some people can just keep moving house every five or so years, it is just so disruptive and stressful. 

Well, we have finally got our moving date, 24th of November. It taken a while for the solicitors to be happy with the searches, etc, then trying to get the other parties involved to agree on a moving date. It is hard to think, we have been in this house for nearly twenty one years, almost to the day as we moved in here on the 3rd of December 1993. The biggest thing is that I am moving away from my birth town, I have never lived outside of Luton in my entire life. So it is a big leap for me, but it is for the best because Luton is no longer a nice place to live. When I think back to my childhood and what it was like here back then, to how it has now changed for the worst. At least, the town where we are moving to is more like what Luton use to be like, and a lot smaller with only just over 13,000 people living there. 

Now, onto the modelling side of my life. I have made some slow progress on the Diamond T, with some swearing coming out of the workshop because of it. I just wished that these people that design the kit and create the instruction sheets would try to build the bloody kit themselves using the said sheets! Maybe they might realise that sometime the sheets don't match up with what's in the box. But I will explain more about this in the next WIP posting of the Diamond T.

So over the next couple of months, there will not be much model building done because of the house move. Anyhow, about 98% of my modelling tools and equipment have been boxed up ready for the move in three weeks time. It is only when you are moving home and you start packing things up for it, that you realise how much stuff you have accumulated over the years in that house. In just my collection of unbuilt kits, I have got 19 boxes, 7 folding crates and 5 large kits strapped together. Let alone all of the built models and the various ongoing projects. That was bad enough, but then you forget about all of your paints, glues, tools, equipment, materials, display shelves, books, spray booth and workbench. That is when it starts getting scary, especially when you know the wife will see all of these boxes going into my planned modelling room in the new house. 

Well, that's a little update of what is happening in my world at this present moment in time. It is stressful, we're both tired from it all, but we have not got everything all set to move now and all three of us cannot wait until we move to the new house. Especially now that my modelling room will be in a proper room and not the converted loft!