Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy New Year

A belated Happy New Year to all of my blog followers.

Life is slowly getting back to normal, well, if you can call it normal. Our new home is almost to how we want everything in it. There is just a few things left to sort out like the spare bedroom and the garage. The loft need to have a few shelves added between the rafters to store some light boxes on and clear the floor space. Once that is done, we can finish clearing the spare room and get some furniture for in there.

Now, my workshop. That is almost there, just a few more things to sort out in it to get it to how I want it. I go myself a new spray booth, a proper one not the homemade I use to have. Storage space is a definite problem in here, I would have never of thought this, but I actually do miss my old workshop. I changed the main lights in here today, fitted a three way halogen setup but using some white light LED's in it instead of the normal halogen bulbs supplied. Firstly, these are cheaper to use and secondly they do not give off the heat of normal halogens.

Onto the modelling. Whilst things have been upside down from the move, I decided to build a 1/144th scale Tomcat from Dragon which I got at the Letchworth show just before the move. It was just something that was easy to get at and to take to work with me for now. All that the Tomcat needs now is for the missiles and external tanks to be painted and fitted to finish it off. I have also dug out the Airfix Lightning F.2A which I started a few months before the move. For Airfix's new tooling, I found that the fuselage had a few alignment issues along the underside. This needed a little filling and rescribing to rectify this. The air intake also needed some sanding to get this to fit inside the nose properly to. Now I am on to the wing assembly and the first one seems to have gone together without any problems so far. I will start a WIP progress posting of this one soon.

One of my aims for the start of the year is top get some of the older part finished projects done before starting on any new major builds. Now we are here in the new house, it would be nice to build some of my larger kits like the 1/24th Typhoon or the 1/32nd SWS Mustang. But with several unfinished projects on the shelf next to me, is a reminder that I have to clear some of these first. So the Lightning is first on the list and the Diamond T review build also has to be done to. Now, just finish setting up the workshop and then crack on with some serious modelling.