Saturday, 15 October 2011

M2A2 Bradley WIP #4

It's all trial and error when you try a new thing out. 

The weathering effect for the worn paint has been, well kind of a success. It was the salt method I was trying out for the first time and it surprised me how much of the salt was square shaped. Next time I will have to grind it up a bit first.

So after cleaning off all of the salt, I decided to fit the wheels and drive sprockets onto the hull ready for the tracks. Because this model was originally a motorised kit, the tracks fit onto the model so there is no slack to allow it to drive. This meant it is tight when fitted and the joint on them was stressed. So before fitting them, I stapled the joint to stop it from separating. This section of track will be hidden from view behind the armour panels anyhow.

The wheels, sprockets and tracks were fitted and then the armour panels were glued into position on the hulls. This was when I decided there had been too much salt used on the armour panels. So I sprayed another coat of the Gulf Armour colour over the upper sections of the panels. This has also created a mottled faded effect by accident too, which is a plus.

I gave the whole hull a light spray over of the same paint to make the colours underneath less prominent in the worn areas. Further weathering later will also help with this.

 All the work left to do now is detailing. The grills need darkened down, lights painted, tools painted then fitted and the gun barrel painted and fitted. The tracks will have a light coat of metallic grey before weathering. The aerials will be made from some steel wire that's been blackened with a Sharpie pen. This model is also going to be my test bed for my first attempt of weathering will oil paints, so we will have to wait and see if I mess it up. But the general weathering will be done using some Iraqi Sand colour paint from Vallejo. Keep watching for more.

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