Sunday, 2 October 2011

M2A2 Bradley WIP

Well, this is another project of mine. It's just a quick out of the box one that I away on holiday this summer. 

The kit is a Modelcraft 1/35th scale kit which was originally motorised, but now comes as a normal kit. There is no interior detail with this kit, so I've built all of the main construction up to the point of painting. Some of the smaller parts did not fit into their positions properly, there was also some filling required too on areas where the parts misfitted. On the underside of the turret, a section of armour was missing, so this was replaced with a piece of plasticard.

With the main construction done, the model was given a couple of coats of Vallejo Surface Primer, this was the first time I tried this primer and was pleased with the results. Once this was dry (under a hour), I went over certain areas like the extra armour plates edges, around the gun mantle and various openings with a dirty black colour.

The models final colour will be in Desert Yellow as from the first Gulf War. But first I will go over areas of it with some Olive Green, Black and Red Brown from the NATO scheme. Then go over it with the Desert Yellow which will be worn away in various areas. Well, hopefully I can start to get some painting done tomorrow night. Mind you, I still need to prime up the wheels and sprockets.

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