Sunday, 2 October 2011

Vallejo Primer

Picked this Vallejo Primer up at the Brampton show last weekend. I'm always looking around for a new primer to use. Anyhow, I tried it out for the first time on Friday evening on the M2A2 Bradley I've been building since my holiday and was pleased with the results.

It can be used straight out of the bottle, brushed or airbrushed without diluting. Within the hour, I was painting the shaded areas on the hull and turret after a couple of light coats of primer. This I think is the way forward for me when it comes to priming my models. Only a small amount was used and this was on a 1/35th scale model too.

I got the white primer, but it is also available in black and grey. Yes you're looking at nearly £10 a bottle this size, which is 200ml, but there is a smaller bottle too.

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