Sunday, 27 November 2011

KA-6D Intruder Tanker WIP #6

What a busy weekend it has been, the only modelling was done on Friday night with yesterday and today doing things around the house.

Now, the intruder is about 98% finished, there is only a few little things left to do on the model now. The wings are now fitted along with the resin seats in the cockpit and the canopies. Basically, there is only a few parts left to go onto the model now and some more weathering. There is one small problem though! I cannot find one of the front undercarriage bay doors at the minute. I know I had it and painted it white, but it's not in the box I stored the parts in. So I need to have a tidy upon my workbench to see if it on there, otherwise I'll use the other Intruder kit's door as a master to make a new one for this model.

So here are a few new photos of it I took earlier. 


  1. Looking good. Looking forward to see when complete. Richard

  2. Just need to do the final bits now.

    Have not been able to find the missing undercarriage door yet. Looks like I will have to make a new one. Properly cast one in resin from my other A-6 kit.