Tuesday, 8 November 2011

MiG-31 Foxhound WIP #3

One slight disadvantage of my job, is that I can be sitting around for a few hours during the day, as what happened today. So this has been spent doing a bit of modelling. I started with painting the Hawks undercarriage, which used up about half a hour. Then it was back onto the Foxhound.

After a little more sanding of the filler around the cockpit and wing joints, some more assembly was done. The rear wings were cleaned up and glued into place, which I think are a bit delicate being held on by one pin. Then the engine exhausts were cleaned of flash and ejector marks before gluing in place. Next was the continuation of the ridge along the top of the fuselage, which consisted of two halves joined together. After a bit of filing and sanding, this was fitted, but a little filler is going to be needed on the gap. The two panels between the exhaust were next to go into place followed by the pylons for the drop tanks and missiles on the wings.

A bit of a productive day, even though it has been a late finish tonight. So I'm not far off get some primer on this one, the interior paint is on order to collect on Saturday, then the cockpit canopy sections can be fitted after masking.

Roll on the weekend and The Nationals.


  1. lomaxes model production line i thinks

  2. Is that a drain cover its on?

  3. Come on Richard, you know what I'm like. I jump from one model to another when I get bored or have a creative block.

    Hi Roger, how are you?

    It's not a drain cover! It's a turntable, I picked a couple of them at a show. Also available on EBay. Very handy to have and also take a good bit of weight on them. I think these ones up to 100kg.