Thursday, 12 January 2012

Black Buck One WIP #1

Now, this was a project that had been bubbling away in my head for at least a couple of years before I started it. My original plans were to have the Victor re-fuelling either some Lightning's or Tornado's, but some bright spark at the club planted the idea in my head about doing it with a Vulcan. Once the cogs started to turn, it developed into recreating one of the Black Buck Raids from the Falklands War.

I already had the models in my stockpile, but the initial delay in starting was how to mount these two large models for in-flight re-fuelling, but also make them transportable. Once this was worked out, I first started to build the Vulcan and its mounting system, then the Victor. Now, this project has been on hold for several months  whilst other project took over. But it is time to blow the dust off them and try to get them finished for Telford if possible. So here are a few photos to show what they look like at the minute.

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