Thursday, 12 January 2012

MiG-31 Foxhound WIP #6

Well, it's been a slow week so far on the model building side so far. But a little progress on the MiG has been done and it is not far off for some paint to go on. Over the weekend, I got the cockpit canopy sections masked up and the cockpit interior painted. Then on Monday night, the ejector seats were fitted to the cockpit and the canopy section glued into place on the fuselage. The canopy was then given a couple of coats of the interior colour then left to dry overnight. Tuesday evening consisted of a few light coats of white primer to cover the interior colour on the outside of the canopy.

Before any colour goes onto the fuselage, I need to finish adding a few more bits and pieces on it followed by another light coat of primer. I also need to prepare the undercarriage bay doors for painting too before the paint is applied. The final finish on this model is going to be the all over Grey scheme rather then the Grey and Blue scheme. I might take this to work tomorrow to catch up on it and hopefully get ready for paint tomorrow night.

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