Saturday, 14 January 2012

Today's Escapade In The Library!

Well, another Saturday spent on the club's display at Milton Keynes Central Library. It was the usual banter going on, with Richard Thomas on the receiving end again (sorry Richard). I know he'll be reading this soon!

I decided to start on the tracks for the StuG III whilst I was there and glued together a couple of short lengths to sit under the road wheels. The rest will be painted first and glued into sections with a slow drying glue as I fit them to the hull. One near incident though! I had the StuG hull sitting on my painting turntable on display, then this sweet little came up and started to spin it. A quick grab of the table stopped the StuG from being transferred to the Luftwaffe. After being a short period of being driven mad by the tracks, I put them away until later. Sometimes individual track can be therapeutic, other times you pull your hair out doing them. Today was one of them.

So the rest of the modelling time was spent on a couple of 1/144th scale MH-60G Pavehawk's from Dragon that have been sitting on the side partly done for a few years now. I thought it was time to get them finished as there is four of them to build in the box. So I finally finished the construction on the first one, three years to build a small model like that. Only paint and decals left to do on this one now, all over Grey it will be. The second one has the interior done and the fuselage glue together. This one will be in the Green and Grey camouflage when it is painted. Now there are two more which have not been started, but when these get done, one will be in the "Desert Storm" and the other? I don't know as there is only three different scheme in the kit, so I might just paint it multi coloured for a laugh. 

At lunchtime I had to pop into Model Zone to get some matt Black paint. 


Yes, I came out with the paint. But also in the bag was an Airfix 1/48th scale Canberra B.2 and an Academy 1/35th scale US Marines Sherman tank with snorkel gear. Mind you, I got the Academy 1/35th scale Achilles last week too. They were bargains, less then half price, plus I wanted the Canberra to go with my other two, the B(I)8 and PR9. I know, slap wrist again, but I will retire one day in the future!

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  1. Yes, I will read this soon, thanks mate.
    And yes I agree, BIG MISTAKE with the trip to Modelzone.