Monday, 20 February 2012

F-86F30 Sabre WIP #1

Now that the MiG-31 has had a final bit of weathering done tonight to finish it off, it's onto what next to do.

Well I need to work though some of my on-hold projects sitting on the shelf, the choice has been to finish my F-86 Sabre. This project is being done with Alclad for a metal finish. Again, I am going to bring some humour into this model. The plan is that the aircraft is having some maintenance done to it. The scene will be the rear half of the fuselage sitting on the trolley separate from the front section. The pilot returns to take the Sabre out and the groundcrew are nowhere to be seen and a sign hangs on the nose saying "Gone To Lunch". I sometimes worry about my sanity, well, the wife does!

So back to the Sabre.

Work done so far, the fuselage is built and been painted with various Alclads. I had a little problem with one of the wings where there was some marks in the finish. So I last finished with trying to rectify this problem. A little more work needs to be done on this problem before I can continue with painting the various shades of Alclad. The tail section has been finished and is ready for some detail painting and decals followed by a little weathering.

Okay, that's a quick run down of this project, now for a first look at the model.

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