Saturday, 4 February 2012

ModelKraft Sunday

The big day for the club is upon us, ModelKraft 2012 is tomorrow and guess what, we have snow overnight. It started a couple of hours ago and is only light at the minute, but it is meant to get a bit heavier later tonight. But the forecast for tomorrow is no more snow, which is a relief. The Met Office says it going to start misty in the morning, with a chance of sunshine about midday and then turning misty again in the evening.

So all of the models I'm taking are packed in their travel boxes and sitting downstairs ready for loading in the morning. Just got to pack some tools and glue for any repair work that needs to be done during the day. Then it's time to sit down with some wine and watch tonight's film. I'll save the panicking for the morning when I wake up and find there's two feet of snow outside.

So for those who plan to visit the show tomorrow, try and catch up with me to say hello. Just any of the club members to point you in the direction of Mick.

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