Tuesday, 27 March 2012

F-86F-30 Sabre Finished

Well, basically I have finished the Sabre. All I am waiting for now it the etched tools that I have ordered, but as of yet have not turned up!

So onto the conclusion of this project. One of the last things I had to make was the sign seen below. It is all part of the scene and my weird humour. My idea of this model, is that the pilot has returned to his aircraft expecting it to be ready for his next flight. But he finds the Sabre still in pieces with tools lying around and a blackboard stood on the wing with chalked on it "GONE TO LUNCH!". The second photo shows the board it the position I plan to put it. Other little details include a couple of tarpaulins, one draped over the tail section of fuselage and the other over a wing. The two bombs have been left on a couple of plywood cradles next to the aircraft. 

Some slight weathering has been done, but not too much and a little heat staining on the engine and tail section has been done using Alclad. I am still not quiet happy with the figures face yet, so a little more painting will be done to that. Once the tools have arrived, they will be painted and added to the scene lying around the aircraft.

So below is the finished scene and model pending the tools waiting to be added. Once they are on the model, I will be getting my good camera out and catch up on the finished models I still need to photograph for my website.

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