Monday, 12 March 2012

F-86F-30 Sabre WIP #4

This week, progress on the Sabre has been a little better then I thought it would be. Finally I got all of the decals added to the fuselage. There was a few issues with some of the larger  and the thin strip decals cracking up or breaking into a few pieces. But I overcame these problems and completed the task in hand.

Painting of the pilot was also started on at the beginning of the week whilst sitting around at work. There is still more detail painting left to be done on him before I am happy with it. Figures are not my favourite thing to paint, so the need of some lessons from some friends are needed. Yesterday, I managed to get the undercarriage and gear doors fitted to the underside of the fuselage. This has given me a needed boost after the slow process of adding decals all week. 

Now what's left to be done! Well, the cockpit interior needs to be finished, the external tanks mounted, final bits and pieces to the fuselage need painting and fitting. These things are followed by some weathering on the fuselage and rear section cradle, painting of the bombs and make some trestles to stand them on. I also need to make a few tarpaulins to hang over a couple of areas on the aircraft and a sign to hang over the nose. This Sunday, I will be at the East Midlands Model Show where I hope to find some 1/48th scale tools for this model. My plan is to have it finished for the end of next week, with luck!

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