Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Airbrush & Model Cleaning Brushes

Here is a little tip for all you modellers out there.

I found these little brushes in a chemist down town that are used for cleaning between your teeth. They come in a range of various sizes and in the case of this manufacturer, a plastic cap that doubles as a handle for when you use the brush. So I got thinking could I use these and brought myself a pack of 0.4mm brushes, the pink handled brushes on the right to try out.

My first idea was to used them for cleaning my airbrushes. I already have some brushes specifically for this purpose, but there at times where these are either too big or small depending on which airbrush I am cleaning. Now these brushes are not as stiff as the proper brushes I have. The shaft is more flexible and the bristles are much softer, but they are shorter too. So these are ideal for if you are just doing a quick clean of your airbrush without a full strip down. Only take out the needle and remove the tip then use a brush of the required size to give the inside a quick clean out.

The second idea I came up with is for cleaning me models. You know how you get dust trapped in places that you cannot get to with a cloth or paintbrush without the risk of damaging the model! These brushes are the perfect thing for cleaning these delicate areas of dust and dirt. With the bristles being so soft, in various lengths and the flexible shafts which will bend to a curve to ease cleaning, makes them ideal for cleaning your models without damaging them. That is unless you are rough handling the model whilst cleaning them. 

I picked these brushes up in my local Bodycare shop and they only cost about £3.50 from what I can remember. You might find them cheaper or more expensive in other shops, but this might also depend on the brand too. But do not get them from your dentist, they will cost you a fair bit more.

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  1. Derek from my club, pointed out that you can also use these brushes as micro paintbrushes too. I did not thing about this use for them and a thanks to Derek for bringing this to my notice.