Monday, 11 June 2012

Slow Times In The Workshop

It's one of those periods of time at the moment, I seem to spend time in my workshop but not much is getting done! It has been like that for the last couple of months, my projects are progressing very slowly, in fact, way too slow for my liking. There has also been a lack of time sitting around at work on loading bays recently too, 

Mind you, I did get three models finished last week during the weekend, but there were not mine, just some of Kyran's models that had been sitting around for a while part-built. He's my eight year old grandson that a few of you out there know or have met at a couple of shows. I still have his Star Trek spaceship and Dr Who Tardis to finish off at some point in the future.

So where am I at this moment with ongoing projects in the workshop?

Well, my P-47 Thunderbolt is very close to getting the painting started, so out with the Alclad first then matt Black on top. My StuG III needs more weathering and clutter added to the hull. The figure have to be finished painting too and the base is a long way off from completion. Now onto the 49 Mercury, it has got the bodyshell painted but needs another couple of coats of clear before polishing up. The interior needs painting once I have decided on what colours to do it in. The 53 Chevy BelAir, well, that is at a stall for now. I have a new axle for this model, but need to modify it and transfer the sway bars, brakes, etc. to it. This is a long term project though and is developing as it progresses.

I need more free time. Retirement is too far away at the moment for me, unless we win the lottery, inherit a nice amount or some kind person gives us a big cheque for nothing!

Any offers?

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