Wednesday, 4 July 2012

49 Mercury Custom WIP #4

I have decided to have a little break from working on my aircraft projects for a few days and catch up on the Mercury build. Up until the weekend, I had got the body shell and under body painted with the Palladium Silver as planned. To add a little extra to the colour, I gave the body shell a light dusting of Alclads Prismatic Jade before the clear coats. This gives it a slight effect of the Gold changing to Green as the lighting changes, but not an overpowering effect of this. So far, there has only been a few coats of clear gone down on the body shell and it needs a few more coats. This will be done when the weather allows to spray it outside.

I finally came to a decision on the interior colours over the weekend. I went with Tamiya's XF23 Light Blue for the carpet, roof lining and all pleated panels on the seats and doors, with Tamiya's XF18 Medium Blue for the rest of the upholstery and dashboard. Areas that would be leather were given a coat of semi-gloss clear. I then picked out the chrome surrounds of the dials and just need to add the decals for them now and the dashboard can be added to the interior.

The chassis and engine are not far off from completion. The engine is now finished and glue into place, but the exhausts still need to be modified slightly then glued into place. Also, the wheels, brake panels and rear shocks need to be fitted and this will get the chassis done and ready for fitting to the lower body section.

I hope to have some more photos done this weekend after some more work has been done over the next few days.

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