Friday, 14 September 2012

Achilles Tank Destroyer WIP #1

This project was started for me to do whilst sitting on loading bays at work. Other projects I was working on, had got to the stage where it was not possible to continue with them at work. So a new project was needed and this one fitted the bill.

The kit is an Academy 1/35th scale model of the British Achilles Tank Destroyer, which is based on the American M10 Tank Destroyer, which in turn was developed from the M4A2 Sherman Tank. The Achilles was fitted with the British 17 pound MkV gun instead of the American 3" gun as on the M10.

This kit is very nice. It come with full interior detail, except for the engine which is a shame. Does anyone produce a resin GM6046 in 1/35th scale? I am thinking about building this so that the upper hull can be lifted off to show the detail of the interior with the shells in the storage racks, etc. But I will have to wait and see how the rest of the hull assembly goes first. 

So far, all the work done has been on the lower hull, the upper section is only in place for visual purpose at the minute. The rubber tracks seen here are the ones that came supplied with the kit. I will not be using these as I have a set of Friulmodel Sherman Firefly metal individual link tracks for this model. The tedious task of assembling these will start soon now that the suspension has been completed and glued in place. The reason I have had to do it this way will be explained in a later post on this project.

Here is the interior floors, gearbox assembly and engine bay bulkhead. The rear floor section is raised and secured to the rear bulkhead, these are not going to be glued in place until I have finished painting the interior.

Some closer views of the gearbox assembly and driver controls to the left of the gearbox. The seats and other smaller details will be added after the painting and weathering has been done.

The rear bulkhead and floor section removed from the hull interior. On the bulkhead ends, you can see part of the racking for the storage of the shell canisters.

This kit comes with working suspension, if you are careful with the glue during assembly. This will be great with the individual link tracks once they are fitted and the model is placed on a display base.

Damage has been added to the rubber tyres on the road wheels, you never see these in perfect condition on a tank in active service, not even examples in a museum. 

The plan is to have this model on a base with the crew having a rest during a quiet spell in the war. My vision is for the Achilles to be on the edge of some woods under some camouflage nets. The tank crew will be either having something to eat or relaxing in the sun. But lets just wait and see what happens, or if my warped humour takes over.

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