Friday, 14 September 2012

Revell A-10 Thunderbolt WIP #1

You know what it is like, you start a new project and you put it aside for a break whilst you work on another project. Then, you forget about the one that you put aside for a break! Well, this is one of those projects that I had put aside and forgot about.

The kit is the very nice Revell 1/72nd scale A-10 Thunderbolt, to which I had brought the Eduard BigEd detailing set. Work originally started three years ago whilst we were on holiday. The initial plan is to use the second set of decals that I used for my other A-10 which came from TwoBobs. But after all this time, the plan might change and head to another colour scheme, though this is not decided on yet.

Progress so far. All of the main fuselage construction was done about two years ago now. The main reason for this project coming to a halt was because I was at the stage of adding the fiddly detailing to it. This cannot be done whilst I am at work with the lorry being rocked around by forklifts, etc. A fair bit of the Eduard detailing etch is very small in this scale which needs patience, time and a steady environment to fit them to the model. So this is properly why this project came to a standstill.

So, it was time to dust off the boxes and get the Warthog out. This week so far, I have fitted the engines in place, added the two etched fins under the fuselage in front of the main wing assembly, added some of the small etched detail to the left hand side of the cockpit exterior and started work on the undercarriage doors adding the etched panels to them. There is still plenty of work to go yet, once the fuselage is done, I have to start on the undercarriage gear and add the etch to the bombs and missiles.

So here is a selection of photos I took a little while ago.

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